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Torqn launches globally

Showing the Torqn app featuring a user review, with three dump trucks in the background image description

Mudbath, a leading provider of digital transformation and enterprise architecture services, is excited to announce the global launch of Torqn, a revolutionary mobile app platform for the plant and equipment industry. Our team of experienced designers and engineers have partnered with Torqn to deliver an application that will drive digital transformation in the mining industry.

At Mudbath, our mission is to design, engineer, and ship digital products that drive ambitious organizations forward. Torqn, with its innovative approach and passion for improving the mining industry, was the perfect partner for our team.

Torqn combines the best of social media, forums, and review sites to connect users within the mining industry and facilitate collaboration on solving problems, promoting safety, and sharing innovations and operating tips. Manufacturers can also respond to posts about their equipment.

We were excited to take on the challenge of developing an application that would function seamlessly and scale globally using our expertise in enterprise architecture. Having worked with many global companies within the mining industry, we were aware of the many complexities and unique needs of the users we were designing for.

"The partnership with Mudbath has been a fantastic experience. Their team's expertise in digital transformation, enterprise architecture, and cross-platform mobile development helped us deliver a product that functions seamlessly and scales globally. We couldn't have done it without them.”

Troy MacDonald
Co-Founder | Torqn

After a year of development, we've finally released the first version of the app on the Google Play and App Store. Utilizing our cross-platform mobile development capabilities, we built the app in React Native allowing one code base to be used to deliver to multiple app stores. This means we can make fast changes to both Android and iOS. Our architecture, paired with the Continuous Integration and Deployment pipeline, meant we could release the app quickly and easily.

Interest has been quickly spreading since the announcement with many publications picking up on the story, such as Australian Financial Review, Kalgoorlie Miner, Newcastle Herald, Mining Monthly and InvestMETS all putting out their angle to the story.

We've had to make some hard and tough calls to focus on delivering a Minimal Marketable Product (MMP) with four key releases comprising the initial release to market. With the support of Mudbath's strategic scoping team, we've been able to assess the triangle of Desirability, Viability and Feasibility to ensure the long term strategic goals are considered in the very first launch. This MMP approach allowed us to deliver a product that has the most essential features and value that will attract early adopters and generate feedback for future development.

Showing multiple features of the Torqn App on an iPhone
Showcasing features from the Torqn App

We're excited to see Torqn being used in the industry and for the future of the mining industry. With its potential for driving digital transformation, the platform will provide a place for collaboration and feedback that will help improve equipment in the future.

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