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Intrepid Travel country page release

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At Mudbath we have been working closely with the amazing team at Intrepid Travel on their headless migration journey. Working in collaboration, the team recently completed the first major release of the project, the country destination page. Using a headless CMS platform Contentstack with a Nuxt front-end, the company is underway on creating better digital experiences for the many people that use their site. This is the first time customers are seeing a true vertical slice of the full stack operating globally!

Intrepid Travel has embarked on a journey to migrate the entire website to a headless architecture. The existing site platform is reaching end-of-life and they have selected a new headless CMS vendor Contentstack. Mudbath have implemented enterprise-level headless platform solutions for many leading Australian companies, working alongside their teams to provide guidance and best-in-market solutions in areas such as delivery strategy, solutions architecture, content migration and team up skilling. 

Strategic partnership

Mudbath's strategic partnership with Intrepid provides expertise and guidance on their website migration. To achieve a successful delivery, our product owners, designers and developers have been working within Intrepid’s teams to identify value and deliver results. 

Having delivered multiple enterprise content management solution implementations our teams love engaging in these types of projects with ambitious clients like Intrepid Travel, with strategy at the forefront and risk mitigation throughout the process. This includes relevant processes and architecture in order to run two platforms simultaneously while a site is iteratively migrated.

To mitigate risk, the project is releasing work in a staggered approach. Following this major release, Mudbath are working with Intrepid on a release plan to roll out the next iteration of the country page which will include even more features live to customers.

This release was a huge milestone for the team and validates the project’s value to the business. Further to that, it has demonstrated to Intrepid what success looks like from a strategic partnership with Mudbath. Most importantly, the customer journey between the old and new platforms is still seamless and this will continue to be a highly valued success measure.

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