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D+I & Mudbath join forces to connect immersive digital experiences with award-winning product design

Physical meets digital with the D+I and Mudbath partnership image description

Mudbath and Design + Industry (D+I) have joined forces in a collaborative partnership to connect immersive digital experiences with world-class product design.

The relationship will broaden the product design services offered by both companies, leveraging a powerful combination of D+I’s and Mudbath’s specialised design capabilities. Both companies have a proven track record for designing and developing long-lasting, commercially successful products and positive user experiences.

The partnership between D+I and Mudbath stemmed from a dynamic technology environment that is demanding an increased need for physical product designs to be powered by embedded electronics to support features enabled via digital connectivity.

Mudbath are regarded as market leaders in developing user centred digital experiences. Attracting some of the best talent throughout Australia, Mudbath is a diverse group of digital designers, strategists and user experience experts capable of servicing any project requirement.

Mudbath Managing Director and CEO, Josh Doolan comments on the relationship, “We are at a step change in our society whereby we’re more technologically adapted. New product designs often need to be harmonised with the digital platforms that we use daily. This partnership with D+I is very exciting. Being able to combine Mudbath’s expertise in designing digital experiences with D+I’s array of product engineering capabilities will open more opportunities for our clients.”

D+I has a proven history of developing innovative technologies and are Australia’s most awarded product design consultancy. Leveraging capabilities in industrial design, mechanical engineering and electronics design, D+I are delivering a complete product development service for a wide range of industries and market sectors.

Head of D+I, David Jones stated, “Many of D+Is electronic product designs will require sophisticated eCommerce, fleet management and back-office solutions as well as subscription enabled mobile app services. Working in collaboration with Mudbath, will enable us to build a shared IP framework and deliver quality outcomes for customers that choose to work with us both.”

The partnership will see Mudbath and D+I develop a robust, shared technology framework to manage interdependencies.

Connecting D+I’s expertise in tactile interfaces, mechanics and embedded electronics with Mudbath’s premium software engineering and UI/UX designers will deliver world class smart products with sophisticated backends that are fit for purpose.

For more information regarding the Mudbath and D+I partnership, please feel free to get in touch:

Claire Dawson MAICD
Chief Commercial Officer - Mudbath
[email protected]

John Lancken
Head of D+I Newcastle
[email protected]