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Mudbath celebrates Contentful Silver Partnership

Mudbath Contentful Silver Partnership image description

Mudbath is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technology solutions to all of our clients through our own expertise, collaborations and partnerships. As such, we are adding another partnership to our stable, becoming a silver partner to Contentful, one of the world's most-successful headless content management solutions.

By naming Mudbath a silver tier strategy and implementation partner in 2022, Contentful formally recognised the expertise we have gained in successful headless migration transformations via certifications across development, product and user experience, over the last seven years. 

This continues to cement our global position as a leading strategic and implementation partner in the digital experience and headless content management ecosystem.

Using Contentful, Mudbath works with clients to create simple and personalised omnichannel solutions that deliver an exceptional customer experience. Our technical architecture and delivery expertise aligns with our capabilities in user experience and product strategy, to ensure our solutions are scalable and positively impact users and the business.

“Headless CMS gives us the flexibility we require to be able to craft experiences for our members, regardless of how content-centric they are and what medium  we are delivering them on.  Headless CMS also fits nicely into our micro-services / SaaS / best of breed approach for our technology ecosystem and doesn't inappropriately become too dominant.”

-Trent Mclenahan - Head of Digital and Emerging Business Delivery | nib

Making the most of the headless stack

As demand has increased for digital presence, and UI technologies that support rich user experiences have emerged, there has been a growth in decoupling of front-end applications from website and eCommerce content.

Working with a headless CMS, such as Contentful, reuse of content in an omnichannel environment is enabled. Drawing on a Single Page Application framework or library, such as Reactjs and Vuejs, Mudbath has then provided clients the freedom and flexibility to develop features without the restrictions of a traditional CMS or global saas platforms in CRM and eCommerce.

Some of the top benefits of Headless Content Management include:

  • Seamless integrations
  • Omnichannel capabilities
  • Lookless content management
  • Increased conversions through personalisation
  • Technology consolidation
  • Cost savings and ability to scale
  • Innovative user experiences 

When approaching these projects, Mudbath implements a digital experience framework, with Contentful at its core, as the Content Management System. This can have multiple front ends (channels), built on any number of backend technologies, as your organisation currently exists.

Credit: Contentful 2021
Credit: Contentful 2021

What’s the impact of this partnership?

This partnership reinforces Mudbath’s ability to deliver expertise in product strategy, design and development, and large migrations for our clients. It strengthens our recognition as specialists in providing industry-leading:

  • Content strategy
  • Content Modelling
  • Contentful Implementation
  • Change Management and Training
  • Ongoing Content Services Solutions
  • Solutions Architecture 
  • User Experience Design
  • Ecommerce Solutions

“Contentful enables engaging and personalised products with structured, reusable content that facilitate integrations. Our clients find with Contentful in their architecture, flexibility and a focus on customer experience is at the forefront of every decision.”
- Claire Dawson - Chief Commercial Officer

Mudbath is proudly Australian, operating in four states, and servicing digital products for global clients. As part of our relationship with Contentful and our Silver Partnership, we are able to offer our digital experience in the ever-growing headless space.

Our experienced team works with nib health insurance, Michael Hill Jewellers, Intrepid travel, YouFoodz, Bradken, HVCCC and DSI Underground on their headless transformation strategies, across the globe, in over 140 different countries.

At Mudbath, we design, engineer and ship digital products that transform organisations.