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Spotlight: Experience Design Team

Experience Design Team social event image description

Mudbath have four key values we all consciously strive towards:

  1. Improving: allow our process to protect us and continue to be challenged
  2. Proud: make our clients leaders by only building the best
  3. Agile: get muddy, fail fast, learn and succeed, and;
  4. Family: make your workmates awesome & look out for each other.

Whether it’s Mud Drinks, poker nights, camping trips, Friday mud lunches at our favourite Antojitos, or our team socials, our family is what makes working at Mudbath special.

What’s a team social you might ask? Mudbath is currently made up of Executive, People & Culture, Accounts/Production, BA/QA, Design & Development teams, which get together on a bi-annual basis for some good old team bonding.

Our Design Team had their most recent social on Friday, 12th March and started the night off by heading over to The Rum Diary Bar on Hunter St for a few drinks. This Carribean themed bar was super trendy, with hidden entrances to different levels and rooms- and even had its own cigar lounge!

Feeling a little rowdy on the rums, it was decided it was a good time for cocktails- naturally, the team strolled over to Ginger Megs. The vibe was moody and mysterious, and the creative crew drew some inspiration of their own from the wall paintings by Melbourne street artist Adnate of Geisha girls and women wearing Cheongsam- a traditional Mandarin dress of 1930s. No surprise here, the rum-based Jungle Bird was the top pick of the drinks before a sensible decision was made to head off for dinner.

Napoli Pizza Bar is known in Newcastle for their incredible, authentic Italian food- and they certainly didn’t disappoint. An exaggerated amount of carbs were consumed by the team before ending the night at The Lucky Hotel.

"I had such a great time with this inspiring bunch that I am lucky enough to call both colleagues and friends."