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Strategy and delivery of a digital ring building platform
the solution

A custom, online engagement ring builder.

Mudbath has worked with Michael Hill to deliver a full system that supports the entire process — from ring building and diamond discovery, to online or in-store sales pipelines and delivery of hand crafted engagement rings.

  • Dynamic 3D render provides detailed visualisations to guide customers through the creation of their ring.
  • Smart filtering options enables multiple ring settings and diamond filter options to be explored.
  • Online empowerment: crafting a unique ring through interactive gamification
Strategy and delivery of a digital ring building platform
The Approach

A user-centric approach

In crafting our approach, we prioritised a user-centric methodology. We began by rigorously testing our prototypes with a diverse group of users who represent high-value customers. This ensured that the product is not only functional but resonates with end-users. Embracing an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) strategy, we outlined a release roadmap that aligned with strategic milestones. At the forefront of our process was the dedicated focus on leading-edge experience and interface design solutions.

We understood that the visual and interactive aspects are just as crucial as the functionality itself. Additionally, our collaborative approach extended beyond design, encompassing Product Ownership, Technology, and Solution Architecture.

This holistic engagement ensured a well-rounded, cohesive product that stands out in both form and function.

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