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Strategy and delivery of integrated app and SaaS solution
The challenge

GPs were unable to match the fees they received with the patients they treated

The majority of GPs who see patients in a medical practice are contractors, not employees. This means they pay a percentage of their fee to the practice and the rest is received as income.

The current state of GP payments however is marked by a significant lack of transparency, because while they see the patient, the fees are collected on their behalf by the practice. GPs find themselves without concrete evidence of when patients or third parties settle their fees, further complicating the financial landscape. The manual reconciliation processes within practices have proven to be overly burdensome, contributing to more inefficiencies. Additionally, the prolonged duration for payments from third parties adds to the challenges, as the wait time can span weeks. The complexity of reporting earnings to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) further adds to the multifaceted issues within the system, calling for a more intuitive and streamlined solution.

The solution

Doctor Wallet empowers GPs to track their income

Doctor Wallet serves as a dedicated app for GPs, streamlining payment processes. The app provides a clear interface displaying patient fees reconciled with payments from the practice. Surgical Partners, a comprehensive Saas solution for practices, seamlessly integrates with Doctor Wallet to provide this information. This integration empowers practice managers to efficiently approve reconciliations and distribute payments to GPs, creating a more cohesive and streamlined financial management system for healthcare practices.

Strategy and delivery of integrated app and SaaS solution
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The approach

Creating an app that meets the unique needs of GPs in Australia

The journey began with a discovery phase. This involved a deep dive into the specific needs of GPs and their operational journeys. Next, we tested our ideas by collaborating with real doctors, making sure our solutions were practical and would fit into their daily workflow.

Teamwork played a crucial role as we worked on the technology and crafted a solid solution architecture. A release roadmap was developed, outlining the MVP and strategic release of each subsequent feature. Operating as a cohesive squad, we uplifted the design of the Surgical Partners SaaS platform and built the Doctor Wallet app to integrate with the platform so the two worked seamlessly to deliver daily financial management for healthcare professionals.

The outcomes
  • Increase in market share for Surgical Partners
  • Reduced onboarding time for doctor's to new practices
  • Greater visibility and transparency for GPs around their billing
  • Large reduction in administrative load for practices
Strategy and delivery of integrated app and SaaS solution
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