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Newcastle Airport desktop arrivals website screen
Research and Development

Customer experience and airport infrastructure

Mudbath has worked with the airport on a number of different discovery pieces. A quantitative and qualitative research piece was carried out, focusing on the customer experience, needs, and expectations of the airport's facilities and future endeavours. This work had a strong focus on accessibility, which informed the website redesign and replatform to ensure a customer-centric end result that could scale with the business indefinitely.

Other engagements were aimed at the airport staff's experience and infrastructure, looking at workflow, process, onboarding, and staff needs to understand any gaps and improvements that could be made to improve the employee’s day-to-day lives and reduce any superfluous tasks.

Newcastle Airport tablet screens
Product development

Website redesign & replatform

Flying can be a stressful experience, but for anyone with health conditions or impairments, or someone travelling with young children, it can be an incredibly difficult endeavour and can discourage participation. When redesigning the website, creating an environment that helped with planning around facilities available and airport processes was key to providing passengers with confidence and certainty.

The airport also acts as a gateway to the Hunter region. With an abundance of scenic camping areas, the Hunter Valley vineyards, the annual V8 supercars, and a multitude of music events, creating a platform that promoted and encouraged tourism was one of the primary focuses of the redesign. Taking into consideration an easy-to-use system that allowed for rapid content creation and promotion.

Wireframe sketches

Through an in-depth solution architecture analysis of the airport’s existing systems and integrations, a detailed product roadmap, and a robust development engagement, Mudbath implemented a fully responsive platform that provides a simple solution for the content team that can scale with the airport.

It provides up-to-date information about flight schedules, insights for different demographics, parking calculators, and customer and business news around the ongoing development of the airport and the Hunter region.

Newcastle Airport News - mobile view
Headless CMS
Creating a centralised, headless CMS to deliver content across multiple brands
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