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Headless CMS case study
The problem

How to create a content platform that could service all nib business units and brands

When nib approached Mudbath in 2017 they were looking for a better way to deliver their content. They had 27 CMS environments and each came with its own expensive licensing fees.

Combined, these environments delivered over 1,500 webpages, however 80% of the components were inconsistent with the nib design guidelines. Content updates were slow and expensive, as each update was reliant on a developer as there were multiple different code repositories, some static sites and legacy technology stacks.

Lastly, content updates would not deploy across nib’s suite of sites. For example, if a menu item was changed on one site, it had to be updated manually on every microsite that used that navigation, making changes labour intensive and expensive.

Headless CMS case study
The solution

A centralised content platform

Mudbath worked with the nib team to deliver a headless platform solution, Contentful. The solution was scalable across brands, inexpensive, reliable, easy to use for content editors and had the ability to absorb their Design Language System (DLS).

Throughout the five year engagement nib’s technology stacks were uplifted and unified with headless and defined scalable, lookless content models were created that supported a robust component library.

  • 80% cost saving on new development
  • 75% saving on licenses
  • 66% faster turnaround time for new pages
  • 90% reduction in content models
  • Reduced opex for design and devops
  • Content delivered to virtual assistants, apps and wearables
  • Seamless content authoring with no need for coding
  • Design and UX consistency across all sites
  • A single environment delivering content to multiple websites and brands
A single Contentful environment delivers the same components to multiple sites with different styling

“Headless CMS gives us the flexibility we require to be able to craft experiences for our members, regardless of how content-centric they are and what medium we are delivering them on. Headless CMS also fits nicely into our micro-services / SaaS / best of breed approach for our technology ecosystem and doesn't inappropriately become too dominant.”

Trent McClenahan Head of Digital and Emerging Businesses Delivery | nib
How we work

Planning the journey, prioritising the product roadmap

With the goal in place, the Content Services Squad was created. The hybrid squad contained team members from both nib and Mudbath and worked as single unit with combined scrums. One of the first deliverables of the squad was the development of a product roadmap that would see the team tackle one page at a time.

By using an iterative release plan, the squad only had to create the necessary components and content models required for each page, and could reuse components in further releases. It led to smaller, faster releases and improved future releases based on user feedback.

Headless CMS product roadmap

Solution architecture 

A centralised content model was built. Put simply, this allowed content to be managed in a centralised Contentful environment and served to various parts of the nib content environment based on an editor's specifications.

Contentful is an API-centric content platform. It has an API-first approach designed to appeal to both developers and content creators. This means that the data comes in and out of the Contentful platform using API calls. This is what makes Contentful a headless and decoupled solution for managing content.

For example, a call to action banner could be managed from a centralised content model but served to various pages with various 'visual appearances'. This provided a simple editing experience across business units, brands, and regions.

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Contentful Logo2
Agile Delivery

Agile delivery for rapid releases

For each page, Mudbath employed an agile methodology which began with a discovery phase. Workshops were held with nib in order to understand the business and user needs. Once these problems were established, solutions and designs were proposed including user testing if needed. Once approved, these features and requirements were then broken down into a list of epics. Developers worked on the tasks within each epic during two-week sprints. Due to our agile way of working, Mudbath would often deliver an entire page uplift or redesign within a single sprint if pre-existing components were used.

The discovery through to delivery process of each page
The discovery through to delivery process of each page
Rebranding with a headless CMS

Rebranding with ease and simplicity

In 2022, the Content Service Squad was transitioned entirely to nib, which had been the plan from day one. As a final deliverable, nib asked Mudbath to implement a complete visual redesign across their site in line with their corporate rebrand. This meant a change to logos, colours, buttons, fonts and icons for nib Australia and GU Health.

Probably the greatest feature of the content platform is its ability to simply update styling across its entire ecosystem. The Content Services Squad and the nib Design Ops team worked in consultation to implement the code changes required to implement the rebrand in just two consecutive sprints thanks to the flexibility of Contentful.

Before and after the rebrand
The nib brand prior to 2022
The nib brand prior to 2022
nib rebrand - new fonts, colours and iconography
nib rebrand - new fonts, colours and iconography