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Grays mobile sellers screen

Bringing in product and experience expertise

Without a dedicated User Experience team in house, Grays have brought in our Experience and Product Design experts to fill the gap and provide services from scope, refinement through to delivery.

It can be challenging working inside existing technology constraints, but we’ve been able to drive valuable results in forming close and collaborative working relationships with the Grays development team.

  • Delivered UX design for 5 digital products
  • Launched Grays first design system
  • User tested 20+ staff to improve internal products
  • Increased the alert notification sign ups by 100%
  • Conducted UX training within Grays
From paper to glass

From clunky paper processes to streamlined digital products

We kicked off a project to transform the book-in process for assets to be listed on the Grays website. Starting with stakeholder UX workshops we facilitated a range of Design Thinking activities to uncover the problems and opportunities.

Service Blueprinting identified significant manual work and time delays caused by the existing process. After working through the roles and jobs to be done we conducted an ideation session around improvements for the users and the business process.

After the workshop our team conducted contextual interviews at the Grays Glendenning Yard to view the book-in process first hand. We validated our assumptions with the staff there and sourced further ideas for improvements. After presenting initial user flows we created an interactive prototype which was user tested with existing staff to ensure the usability of the new digital product.

GavelGo is the responsive web based platform used to complete the inspection of an asset, take photos and submit an asset listing. A key process to enable the auctions to go live on



Our developers have worked in an Augmented model with the Grays developers to build the front end for many of their platforms including the Marine Self-listing, Sellers Portal, GavelGo and part of their Design System. As well as providing Solutions Architecture on key scoping initiatives.

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Deliver phase

Casting off into unchartered waters

Mudbath have proudly supported Grays with their venture into the marine market, through custom landing pages, email collateral and an all new digital experience for customers to sell boats.

Grays marine market
Grays place bid screen