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Business analyst and technical capability
The Approach

Collaborative Documentation and Standards Implementation

Mudbath initiated a well-defined project plan with clear timelines, goals, and dependencies to achieve comprehensive IT application documentation within an ambitious timeframe. Regular check-ins with project sponsors and clearly defined collaboration methods were integral to the approach.

Operating in an augmented model, Mudbath seamlessly integrated with Essential Energy's DevOps team. Close collaboration with different business areas, subject matter experts (SMEs), and technical teams facilitated the documentation process.

Technical Product Analysts conducted interviews with stakeholders to capture the purpose, key functionality, users, and permissions matrices for each application. Simultaneously, Mudbath’s Solution Architect delved into the technical aspects, documenting overall system architecture, components, dependencies, integrations, codebase, standards, data flow diagrams, and deployment processes.

Additionally, Mudbath’s technical lead collaborated with Essential Energy’s technical leaders to establish code standards and best practices, technical delivery procedures, and developer obligations. Mudbath also provided Essential Energy with a template to document future applications and a set of standards and best practices that every team member should adhere to. Lastly, Mudbath developed best practice code standards to ensure a more streamlined and standardised approach, fostering greater consistency and efficiency within Essential Energy's IT infrastructure.

Business analyst and technical capability

Streamlining Essential Energy: Documentation and Mudbath Partnership

These concerted efforts resulted in comprehensive documentation for all IT applications, offering Essential Energy a foundational understanding of their current landscape. This not only informed strategic decisions but also significantly reduces the time required for onboarding new team members.

The partnership with Mudbath not only addressed immediate challenges but also positioned Essential Energy for enhanced operational efficiency and future scalability.

Business analyst and technical capability
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