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Headless CMS
Product strategy

A roadmap to El Dorado

Through an in-depth discovery process, Mudbath created a product strategy and roadmap to guide Intrepid’s transition. The ContentStack solution is designed to be scalable across their different regions and sub-brands. Accounting for different languages, brand elements and access to a global network of Intrepid content editors.

The release strategy breaks down the entire site by business and user value and allows Intrepid to create components and pages sequentially, releasing them incrementally. This methodology means a return on value from the offset of the project, rather than having to wait for all of the work to be completed.

Headless CMS
The results

Better, stronger, faster than before

As the project moves through the roadmap, each page and the components contained within are undergoing UX and UI overhaul. Improving the usability and aesthetic appeal of each area and improving the consistency throughout the website is how Intrepid is developing their new DLS from the ground up and implementing it at the same rate as the new system architecture.

Along with reviewing the UX of the site, the content also got audited. The team has curated a much more easily digestible content experience for the user base through extensive user testing and engagement.

The newly implemented system provides improved page load time and also provides better SEO returns over the previous system.

Headless CMS
The approach

Working side-by-side to tackle a monumental task

Mudbath has an augmented team that works with, and in parallel to Intrepid’s delivery team. It’s composed of designers (assisting with the development of the DLS), technical product analysts (facilitating sprint activities and documenting requirements), and a squad of developers (producing work and assisting with the design of the SA).

The team has its own sprint goals and objectives but communicates consistently with the Intrepid’s team in order to produce work that is of a consistent standard and approach.

There are various members of the Mudbath team that are ContentStack certified, meaning that they’re able to share insights and advice with Intrepid’s team, and help them upskill.

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