When Kevin Bacon makes complete sense.

May 17 - Claire Dawson

A good director creates an environment, which gives the actor the encouragement to fly.” Kevin Bacon


And Kevin, I tend to agree with you , especially when it comes to workplace environments.

Having worked most of my career in either the media, marketing or digital space I’ve been lucky enough to work in some pretty innovative, creative spaces in Australia , New York and London. But, unfortunately I have also worked for or with some companies who don’t put emphasis on the environment they create for the people in it. Crazy right?

Think about it : You have people you pay to do great things for you and you give them, a dull office, bad lighting and a lifeless vibe. You then ask them  to be innovative, inspire others or do more – whilst giving them less.

Walk into an office where you know the “director” has allowed for creativity, thought about the space of his actors (or in our case designers and developers) and made the space reflect the overall personality of those that act in it. It can change your whole day, all its meetings and the day to day tasks to make them seem more…exciting really!

You can feel it too -  as a client, prospective employee or just visiting someone who works in one of these cool spaces – it makes you feel better instantly. Meetings are a little bit more elevated, people are friendlier, work seems to happen more effortlessly and people smile.

We aren’t a huge global company with massive interior design budgets.  We are a mid size team of exceptional user experience designers, highly technical developers and some kickass producers.  We work every day together on multiple projects and we do it in an environment which inspires us, reflects our culture and gives us the encouragement to fly. Our director did good thanks Kev!

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