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Mud-girls run the world!

International Women's Day image description

This week we celebrated International Women’s Day and took the time to acknowledge the achievements of not only the women in our organisation but women of the broader community too.

At Mudbath, we strongly believe that a business is only as successful as the community around them, which is why we chose to support and attend a local fundraiser - The Grateful Garden Party and Fundraiser. This was a local event held by The Grateful Boutique, a retail business in Carrington dedicated to paying it forward. Collectively, we raised close to $6000 for our community!

Jumping at the chance to get together and network following the social disconnect that COVID has burndended us with, we attended the cocktail style event at Young Street Hotel on Sunday, 7th March 2021. The afternoon consisted of food, drinks, live music, a fashion parade, laughter and special guest speakers Mel Sarge from Newcastle Podcast Station, Melissa Histon from Got Your Back Sista, Julie Wicks from Lifeline, and Bernadette O'Connor from Emotional Energy Exchange.

Personally, I found myself reflecting on some previous workplace experiences, which I’ve learnt from and how they’ve shaped the working professional I am today. I have worked at Mudbath for over one year, and it was obvious from day one how integral and ingrained diversity, inclusion and genuine support are to everyone in the business. This was only again reiterated recently after having suffered some health issues - can you imagine the COO of your company spending the day at the hospital with you to make sure you were looked after? Even when she had a million other commitments and meetings? I can.

As a whole, what I took away from the day was a better education of the many support options available to us, and how to be one of those support options for other women - to make others feel unequivocally confident that when we ask how they are, that we can “hold the dark space” if they need to answer honestly.

I have never felt anything but supported and appreciated at Mudbath and can proudly say our girl gang now spans across the executive, accounts, production, product owner/business analyst, QA, design and development teams, and has grown to 15 in the last year.

We are also actively recruiting in all teams, so please reach out if you are keen to be a part of something special.