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Headless CMS case study
the challenge

Sweat’s journey to a streamlined content solution

Sweat has been using the Shopify platform for many years. While it was proficient in handling payments, it did not provide the necessary flexibility and scalability for content delivery. This limitation hindered Sweat’s ability to effectively showcase their product to potential customers, as the core of their product is content. This led to suboptimal conversions, especially during targeted campaigns. The reliance on Shopify's 'blog' function as the primary content delivery mechanism proved to be a poor experience, particularly in promoting their programs and trainers.

Compounding the challenge, trainer-specific pages owned and managed by Sweat were scattered across different CMS platforms. This fragmented approach required content authors to replicate their efforts in multiple environments, adding unnecessary complexity and inefficiency to the content creation and management process. The need for a more cohesive and streamlined solution became evident, prompting the shift towards a platform that could truly align with Sweat’s dynamic content requirements and campaign initiatives.

Headless CMS case study
the solution

Create a single headless Contentful environment capable of delivering omni-channel content

Mudbath partnered with Sweat to develop a custom Contentful-based headless CMS. This system streamlined the delivery of Sweat’s marketing content, covering programs, trainers, exercises, nutrition and blog articles.

Featuring over 20 tailored components and templates, the platform empowered Sweat’s editors to effortlessly create various content pages, blogs, and campaign-specific pages. Notably, it enabled the creation of multiple websites within one CMS, accommodating both the main marketing site and individual trainer websites with varying brands. The collaboration resulted in a user-friendly and versatile content management solution, enhancing Sweat’s online presence and marketing capabilities.

  • Significant cost saving for new development
  • 100% Performance score
  • 100% SEO score
  • 93% Accessibility score
  • Design and UX consistency across paid app and websites
  • Ability to stand up campaign pages
  • Seamless content authoring with no need for coding
  • A single environment delivering content to multiple websites
Headless CMS case study
The Approach

Success through collaboration

With a collaborative approach, a hybrid squad consisting of Mudbath staff and Sweat staff successfully delivered the platform over a span of five months. This multidisciplinary team brought together designers, product owners, project managers and developers. Each phase of the project, from the initial design to content modelling, build, QA, and deployment of the live site was orchestrated with precision and dedication. Following an agile methodology, the hybrid team met daily for scrums, as well as sprint planning, backlog grooming and retrospectives each sprint. This kept lines of communicate open and ensured work was delivered on time without any issues.

Headless CMS case study
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