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Using the Scenic book tool
The problem

Create a sophisticated booking experience that reflected the luxury onboard cruising experience

Scenic Luxury Cruises had a global workforce managing bookings and guest details via phone and email. There was an inability to book luxury tours online, so Scenic was heavily reliant on agents with commissions to book their tours.

Once a tour was booked, a collection of legacy processes was creating an unengaging digital experience for customers that was lacking engagement and this was reflected in the low completion rates of essential pre-tour tasks. Ultimately creating a high volume of both inbound and outbound calls to the Scenic call centre, along with significant operational expenses.

  • A one-stop portal that provided an enjoyable and exciting part of the pre-cruise experience
  • A design language system of reusable components
  • A single tool available in 15 global markets across 5 brands
  • Reduced opex as calls to call centre staff fell significantly
  • The booking platform paid for itself within 4 weeks
Trip planner experience
The process

A personalised, luxury digital customer portal

Mudbath worked with Scenic customers to design and develop a booking platform that excited travellers about their upcoming trip and encouraged exploration of the trip and their daily excursions.

Integrations were developed to allow travellers to pay deposits, book day-tours, choose their cabin, see their third-party flights and communicate with Scenic staff digitally rather than by phone.

As the platform added more features and further reduced the friction in the booking process, the conversion rate for tours continued to increase as opportunities for upselling were introduced into the booking platform.

The result was an online pre-travel experience that mirrored the ease and quality of the onboard travel experience.

Trip planner shots
The use of imagery

Inspirational imagery increases conversion

Customer insights showed how important imagery and photography were when purchasing and planning a luxury experience or day trip add-on.

To meet this user need, Mudbath designed a visual trip planner to build a sense excitement & adventure pre-tour and help increase add-on conversions.

omnichannel content delivery

A single platform delivering components across multiple brands

All components were designed to be reusable. Meaning a single platform delivered the same component to each of the five sites, with styling applied by each site.

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