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Imagining a Brighter Future: How Imagine Newcastle Won a Good Design Award

Good Design Award Winner image description

We're ecstatic to announce that our work for City of Newcastle, "Imagine Newcastle: Moving talent to a progressive, Regional City" is a Good Design Award Winner in the category of Digital Design for Interface.

Why This Win Matters

Winning a Good Design Award is about more than accolades. It reaffirms our mission to bring Newcastle into the spotlight as a thriving centre for creativity, innovation, and opportunities for millennial and Gen Z professionals. The problem was simple but vital: As Newcastle evolved, so did its demand for a skilled workforce. We needed to attract digital natives to consider relocating to our burgeoning city.

Exploring Our Design Approach

The Imagine Newcastle platform was engineered with user insights at its core. Over 180 people have already registered for a city tour, and 90% of tour attendees from 2020 ended up relocating to Newcastle within a year. Not only does this showcase Newcastle's allure, but it also positions the city as an affordable, nature-friendly destination with robust employment opportunities.

Our interface design isn't just aesthetically pleasing; it’s functional and adaptive. Working with brand and content created by The Brand Pool, our the interface design features animated icons, a flexible masonry grid, and other innovative elements based on user needs. The website offers a truly immersive experience while keeping pace with changing needs, such as the recent cost of living tool in response to rising interest rates.

“We’re sold! How quickly can we move to Newcastle? Imagine Newcastle is a fantastic collection of fresh design choices in colour palette and well-timed animations. The engaging use of imagery and well-proportioned typography are also notable achievements — well done.”
The Good Design Awards Jury

The Impact of This Award

This award is a collective triumph, symbolising Newcastle’s growth, creativity, and the vibrancy of its community. It confirms that our platform has succeeded in making the idea of relocating to Newcastle more than just a passing thought—it's now a compelling, attainable vision.

We want to express our profound gratitude to our clients and community for being part of this exciting journey. Together, we're not only imagining a better Newcastle; we're building it, one award at a time.