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How to effectively integrate your website with social media.

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We are all aware that creating good, rich and engaging content is the name of the game, no matter which wheelbarrow your pushing online today.

But how good are your social media efforts in broadcasting your content?

In order to be effective in content marketing, you need to leverage social media. However, just adding a few share buttons and tweeting a link to your content on your company's profile is probably not going to cut the mustard in today's market.

Today I am going to share a couple of the basics of Social Media integration, along with some of the more advanced features available today.

What is Open Graph?

You may have heard of the term OG tags?

Basically, Open Graph is a metadata protocol that assists social networking platforms in the way they share content. It works in a very similar way to search engine meta tags (like page title and description). They are meta tags to enhance the way your content appears in a news feed or profile page.

Implementing OG tags is simple - just add them in along with your other HTML meta tags in the source code, or find the relevant spot in your Content Management System to modify the OG tags.


How to implement twitter cards

Twitter Cards are a cool way to really boost engagement in your twitter efforts - particularly if you have rich visual elements like Video or images within your content. You may have come across these before - they look a little something like this.

There are particular types of twitter cards. These are:

  • Summary Cards
  • Product Card
  • Player Card
  • Photo Card
  • Summary Card with Large Image
  • App Card
  • Gallery Card

Check out the full documentation to learn more about the specifics and the differences between them. The basic tags for twitter cards are, card (summary), site, creator an example of a mix of og and twitter card tags.

Twitter cards are a great way to really push your tweets and content in a way that isn't just strictly limited to the confines of a 140 character text grab.

In conclusion, have your webmaster slap these into your site as it really helps with your social engagement and reach. If you don't have a webmaster, get in touch with us.

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