nib Options

Lean UX, Design, Development

Launched in 2014, nib Options provides those intending to have cosmetic or dental surgery abroad with a safe, trustworthy and affordable option. nib Options engaged with us to help them increase conversion through their website and into their online Medical Assessment process.

Mudbath Digital believe in the importance of conducting a Lean UX Workshop when clients are looking for guidance on design and User Experience. Through the workshop, Mudbath and nib were able to assess the weaknesses and strengths of their current website, analyse competitors, and develop target personas to assist in the development of their new website.

Wireframe Prototypes of the new website were then developed to create a visual of the new layout. The prototype was subsequently adapted in line with nib's current branding during the design process. The final stage in the agile process involved front and back end development where the website came to life!