Introducing Succeed Online Newcastle!

August 14

This week we launched an exciting new community project that is targeted at educating local Newcastle business and individuals on how to be successful online. So without further ado, allow me to introduce:

Succeed Online Newcastle

Succeed Online Newcastle is a meetup group that anyone can join. The idea behind it is to create a community of people located in Newcastle and surrounding areas that are interested in online business, online marketing, web trends and social media. At this stage we are looking to hold monthly Meetups on different web related topics with the potential for different industry professionals to speak and give insight into how the web ticks and how to be at the forefront.

Meet Up

Our first Meetup is next Wednesday 20/8/2012 and is titled: 5 Ingredients to build a kick ass Online Biz

All the details are located on the Meetup event page

Also we managed to sure a fantastic venue to host the first meeting; the production hub a super cool co-working office located in the heart of Newcastle.

We are really exciting about the concept and look forward to growing it. Join, don't be shy - interact, reach out & network with people who can help you on your pathway to succeeding online!

If you have any questions or would like to be a guest speaker - please contact us; we don't bite ;)