Accelerate your project with User Experience Design workshops

June 15

There is always a degree of uncertainty with any project at the start. Many possible solutions, many key players all with different expectations.The purpose of a workshop is to clarify all those assumptions and expectations, bringing all stakeholders onto the same page.


At Mudbath our workshops are customised to each client, however this is a typical format that works well:

1. Business overview - 20 minutes

Who you are and what you do.

2. Objectives - 20 minutes

Establishing what you want to achieve from this project.

3. Personas - 40 minutes

Our proto-persona activities explores who your audience are, what are their demographics, behaviours (how they use technology etc), needs and objectives.

4. IA - 20 minutes

We'll explore the best way to structure the content on your website.

5. Sketching - 30 minutes

We sketch to get ideas out quickly. This allows our clients to visual possible solutions to the project.


At the end we'll wrap up the meeting summarise everything we have discussed. And leave the meeting with tangible assets.

We'll leave knowing what objectives you need to achieve, personas, IA structure and sketches.


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